Top 7 Garage Door Problems

Here at Red Deer Garage Door Services we have dealt with pretty much every Garage door repair issue in Central Alberta. It seems that there is always some obscure hidden reason for that tricky door that just doesn’t operate correctly. We repair most brands and models ranging from to for openers and are popular doors here in Alberta.

Most of the general issues are not too complicated and here is a list for you to troubleshoot your garage door issues.

Top 7 garage door problems

1. The garage door closed with a bang and probably quite quickly. This problem is usually either a broken cable or a broken garage door spring or springs. Often if a cable broke the door is very much at an angle and will be quite noticeable. With a broken torsion spring the opener will not be able to open the door. In either case you will need your door repaired for it to operate.

2. Garage Door Opener makes sounds but the door does not move. This may be due to somebody pulling the emergency disconnect. Other possibilities are striped gears within the opener or a broken belt or chain. If you have a Liftmaster opener or Craftsman it’s good to have your model number when calling your Garage Door repair company.

3. Garage Door/Over Door wont go up? Garage doors are heavy and most people think the opener does the lifting but this is not the case. The springs do the actual heavy lifting, if your opener cannot lift the door it is usually a broken door spring.

4. When I press the Transmitter button nothing happens? Usually this is just as simple as replacing the Duracell batteries and if you have other transmitters it’s a good time to replace all the batteries are the same time. Also the transmitter circuit board may have failed and you might need a new transmitter.

5. Track is out of alignment. This can be a serious issue ranging from binding doors, door falling out, door not opening properly or rain and snow getting inside of your garage.

6. Garage Door closes part way, then opened again. This is probably the reversing safety feature that prevents them from crushing objects in their path. This can be triggered by objects blocking the path of the door, make sure all obstructions are free and clear of their tracks.

7. Garage Door opens/closes Randomly. If your door is opening and closing at random times it can be quite disconcerting. Check all your transmitters and make sure one is not in a desk drawer being accidentally triggered. It is possible your neighbour is in the same frequency and you may want to reset your codes and you may need to upgrade to a newer opener with rolling codes.

Here at Red Deer Garage Door Services we provide our customers with the highest level of service. If you need any help with your garage door give us a call. We serve the Red Deer area and surrounding towns. Lacombe, Blackfalds, Sylvan Lake, Stettler, Innisfail, Rocky Mountain House, Eckville, Rimby, Sundre, Caroline and Spruceville. We do garage door repair,Installations,we sell garage doors,and also garage door openers.we also have a full line of parts for the D.I.Y. person.