Red Deer Summer EventsHere is a great list of summer events going on in Red Deer. I love my City!

Don’t forget there are loads of free things to do to, we have miles of river trails, fishing and floating down the Red Deer River with friends is always a good time.

Red Deer Bower ponds is a great escape with top notch facilities for a day camping,strolling through the park around the ponds and sightseeing.

Before you go make sure to check the local weather at and remember to play safe and have fun with friends and family.

2016/07/02 Family FUN Downtown Branch

2016/07/03 Praise in the Park

2016/07/04 Red Deer City Council Regular Meeting

2016/07/05 Alecia Aichelle on the Ross Street Patio

2016/07/05 Governance & Policy Committee Meeting

2016/07/05 Toddler FUN at Dawe

2016/07/06 ATB Downtown Market

2016/07/06Job Fair

2016/07/06 Roses and Smoke on the Ross Street Patio

2016/07/06 The Loaded Paintbrush Art Circle

2016/07/06 Toddler FUN Downtown Branch

2016/07/07 Baby FUN

2016/07/07 Books in the Park at the Timberlands Branch

2016/07/07 Josh Rickard Trio on the Ross Street Patio

2016/07/08 Baby FUN at TImberlands Branch

2016/07/08 Beer, Poutine and Screen

2016/07/08 First Friday July 9 for all the Galleries

2016/07/08 First Fridays Red Deer: WIND

2016/07/08 Ross Street Patio Party

2016/07/08 Toddler FUN at Timberlands

2016/07/09 Family FUN Downtown Branch

2016/07/09 Sylvan Wake Surf Throwdown

2016/07/09Trainer’s Training Camp

2016/07/10 Trainer’s Training Camp

2016/07/12 Campfire Storytime and Stuffie Sleepover

2016/07/12 Ryan Carduff on the Ross Street Patio

2016/07/12 Toddler FUN at Dawe

2016/07/13 ATB Downtown Market

2016/07/13 The Loaded Paintbrush Art Circle

2016/07/13 Toddler FUN Downtown Branch

2016/07/13 UNREALITY: Teen Summer Reading Club Programs at the Downtown Branch

2016/07/14 Baby FUN

2016/07/14Books in the Park at the Timberlands Branch

2016/07/14 Bradford Lawlor on the Ross Street Patio

2016/07/15Baby FUN at TImberlands Branch

2016/07/15 Toddler FUN at Timberlands

2016/07/16 to 2016/07/17 Destroyer Lacrosse 2016 Summer Vision Camp

2016/07/16 Family FUN Downtown Branch

2016/07/17 Welcome to Red Deer Party
2016/7/18 Red Deer City Council Regular Meeting

2016/07/19 Jeremy Doody on the Ross Street Patio

2016/07/19 Toddler FUN at Dawe

2016/07/20 to 2016/07/24 125th Anniversary Westerner Days Fair & Exposition

2016/07/20 125th Anniversary Westerner Days Fair & Exposition Parade

2016/07/20 2016 Wetaskiwin Evening Air Show

2016/07/20 ATB Downtown Market

2016/07/20 Super Trucker on the Ross Street Patio

2016/07/20 The Loaded Paintbrush Art Circle

2016/07/20 Toddler FUN Downtown Branch

2016/07/21 Baby FUN

2016/07/21 Books in the Park at the Timberlands Branch

2016/07/21 Tylor Braun on the Ross Street Patio

2016/07/22 Baby FUN at TImberlands Branch

2016/07/22 Toddler FUN at Timberlands

2016/07/23 Family FUN Downtown Branch

2016/07/23 Strawberry Festival

2016/07/26 Dave and Kelly on the Ross Street Patio

2016/07/26 Sideline Concussion Management & Best Practices Updates

2016/07/26 Toddler FUN at Dawe

2016/07/27 ATB Downtown Market

2016/07/27 Levi Cuss on the Ross Street Patio

2016/07/27 The Loaded Paintbrush Art Circle

2016/07/27 Toddler FUN Downtown Branch

2016/07/28 Baby FUN

2016/07/28 Books in the Park at the Timberlands Branch

2016/07/29 Baby FUN at TImberlands Branch

2016/07/29 Toddler FUN at Timberlands

2016/07/30 to 2016/07/31 CentreFest Street Performer’s Festival

2016/07/30 Family FUN Downtown Branch