Painting Your Garage Door

Painting Your Garage DoorCan I paint my garage door is a question I hear quite regularly. People find that their door has faded in the sun or has been scratched and would just rather paint it instead of replace it, quite a cost savings. Weather you have a door or a door or some other brand it may eventually need painted. Usually a high quality 100% acrylic latex grade paint is used.

Door preparation

Before painting you need to prepare you garage door. Starting with thoroughly cleaning all the surfaces of the door even if it looks clean. Professionals will clean the door with Acetone, Xylene or M.E.K.. be sure to follow all proper manufactures labels and guidelines when using these strong solvents.

Check for paint adequate adhesion. Paint a small area and allow it to dry. Apply a strip of tape to the paint and peel the tape back off, if no paint was removed your paint should be good.

Either apply a liquid adequate deglosser to the door or lightly sand the door down.

Once surface preparation is complete and followed to all manufacturer’s guidelines you should be good to begin painting, remember to make sure you are applying the paint within the guidelines of temperature,sunshine,and humidity. A second coat should be applied after the first coat has been dried completely according to the instructions as well.

If you have windows you will need to remove the windows and the glass from the frames. The frames will usually require a different paint as they are usually PVC and Polypropylene material. Be aware that painting your door may affect the manufacturer’s warranty you may need to check with your over-door dealer for more information.