How to measure your current garage door spring

Warning: Installing or repairing or disassembly of all garage door springs is a dangerous task. Garage door springs and cables are under tension and require proper training and safety precautions to work on. Working on garage doors and components needs to be done by qualified garage door technicians. Any attempts made to repair or perform work on garage doors, openers, springs, torsionshafts, cables, hinges, rollers, drums, adjusting, repairing, installing or replacing is done at your own risk. Garage Door Parts Canada shall not be liable for any damages of any kind, personal injury or death or other. Users assume all responsibility and risk for all products purchased and information provided. In no way does this guide qualify you to perform said work, this guide is intended for
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If your garage door is equipped with two springs it is recommended you measure both springs to be sure they are the same size,sometimes there are two different sizes on the same door.

Torsion springs can only be measured when they are detensioned in the unwound state.

Measuring broken torsion spring.



Measure the total length of the coils.


Put the two pieces together.


This spring measures 22” long. The coils stretch after being tensioned and notice some coil separation on the cone, this is normal and we would round this spring down to 22”. Remember the spring must be detensioned to measure the length, measuring the length while tensioned will add inches to the actual length.


Measure the inside diameter of your spring, most springs are either 1¾ “ or 2” inside diameter,this spring is a 2” I.D.. Sometimes springs inside diameter do not give an exact measurement due to usage.


Determine the wire size. Measure the length of ten coils.


Measure the length of twenty coils, choose the measurement that works closest with chart numbers. Sometimes to get a more accurate measurement you can measure the length of forty coils, divide by 4 and use the ten coil length on the chart to get wire size. The spring must be untensioned to measure the wire size,measuring a spring under tension will not give you a correct reading.


Determine the if your spring is left or right wound.


Most winding cones are color-coded for identification. Right wound springs should have a red winding cone and are mounted on the left side of the garage door and point to the left. Left wound springs should have a black winding cone and are mounted on the right side of the garage door and point to the right.