LiftMaster Opener troubleshooting codes. Model 8360 and 8550.

Garage Door Troubleshooting

The new LiftMaster models 8360 and 8550 are a bit more comprehensive in displaying diagnostic codes. Behind the up and down buttons is a LED. The UP and Down buttons are used to identify the diagnostic code. Should an error occur, the Up and Down buttons will flash a code and continue until error is corrected.

Up button one flash, Down Button one flash
Inspect sensor wires for a disconnected or cut wire/s. Safety sensors are not installed,connected properly or wires may be cut.

Up button one flash, Down Button two flashes
Inspect sensor wire for incorrect wiring or a pinched wire. Safety sensor wire shorted or reversed.

Up Button one flash, Down Button two flashes
Inspect door control wires for a short,replace wire. The wires for the door control are shorted or the door control is faulty.

Up Button one flash, Down Button five flashes
Bad Logic board or travel module. Replace logic board or module.

Up Button three flashes, Down button three flashes
Replace Logic Board

Up Button four flashes, Down Button one flash
Obstruction,binding or sticking door. Check door and track for associated problems causing stress points.

Up Button four flashes, Down Button two flashes
Obstruction binding or sticking door. Manually open and close the door, check for binding and obstructions.

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