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Top 10 Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door
Your garage Door is the largest moving part in your entire home,and is used multiple times per day at any hour and in all seasons.To keep your garage door operating smoothly for years to come,it is important you take the time to perform regular preventive maintenance.
1. Look and listen
The most important preventative step you can take is toobserve your garage door every time you use it.Does it operate quietly or is it making unusual or loud noises? Is it going […Continue reading this post by clicking the Read More link below]

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Garage Door Spring Cycle Life
Garage door torsion spring manufacturers produce springs within industry tolerances and standards.The springs are engineered to provide the end user with years of service. There are numerous factors that can add to to take away spring cycle life.
Dropping a Spring. Care must be taken not to drop a Garage door torsion spring. The springs need to be taken care of and handled properly to ensure their integrity. Dropping a torsion spring on a hard surface can result in a crack or broken cone, and […Continue reading this post by clicking the Read More link below]

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Understanding the Dangerous signs of an Unbalanced Garage Door
Your garage door is one of those things that gets forgotten about until something goes wrong. We use them daily, never giving them a second thought, until they start acting up or worse causing an accident or damage to itself or worse.
Signs of an unbalanced garage door
I remember a few large wooden doors in the machine shop where I started apprenticing as a young man. Always a sore spot in my day […Continue reading this post by clicking the Read More link below]

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