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I have had numerous customers ask me about noisy end bearings on their Garage Door system. What they are finding is that the end plate bearings are either very noisy, leaving rusty dust on the floor, worn loose on the tube shaft or even seized completely. If your bearings are old and worn down they can cause your torque tube to not rotate as designed, your cables may pop off and cause excessive stress on your garage door parts including hinges, rollers, springs and maybe even your new Liftmaster […Continue reading this post by clicking the Read More link below]

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LiftMaster Opener troubleshooting codes. Model 8360 and 8550.
Garage Door Troubleshooting
The new LiftMaster models 8360 and 8550 are a bit more comprehensive in displaying diagnostic codes. Behind the up and down buttons is a LED. The UP and Down buttons are used to identify the diagnostic code. Should an error occur, the Up and Down buttons will flash a code and continue until error is corrected.
Up button one flash, Down Button […Continue reading this post by clicking the Read More link below]

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Top 7 Garage Door Problems
Here at Red Deer Garage Door Services we have dealt with pretty much every Garage door repair issue in Central Alberta. It seems that there is always some obscure hidden reason for that tricky door that just doesn’t operate correctly. We repair most brands and models ranging from to for openers and are popular doors here in Alberta.
Most of the general issues are not too complicated and here is a list for you to troubleshoot your garage door issues.
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Painting Your Garage Door
Painting Your Garage DoorCan I paint my garage door is a question I hear quite regularly. People find that their door has faded in the sun or has been scratched and would just rather paint it instead of replace it, quite a cost savings. Weather you have a door or a door or some other brand it may eventually need painted. Usually a high quality […Continue reading this post by clicking the Read More link below]

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How to measure your current garage door spring
Warning: Installing or repairing or disassembly of all garage door springs is a dangerous task. Garage door springs and cables are under tension and require proper training and safety precautions to work on. Working on garage doors and components needs to be done by qualified garage door technicians. Any attempts made to repair or perform work on garage doors, openers, springs, torsionshafts, cables, hinges, rollers, drums, adjusting, repairing, installing or replacing is done at your own risk. Garage Door Parts […Continue reading this post by clicking the Read More link below]

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